Rehire Adam Williamson!

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    CEO of Mandriva S.A.
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Mandriva's CEO should rehire Adam Williamson. He has been the PR and backbone of the mandriva's community and losing him will be a great loss to us all.

We are aware of the financial situation of Mandriva S.A., but the decision of firing Mr. Williamson will only cause the loss of one of the most precious assets Mandriva has. The continuous flow of news and information, which is necessary to give popularity and visibility to the distro was mainly in Adams hands during the last years. He wrote news, commented reviews, helped users in trouble and explained the Mandriva choices to all the community, bridging the gap between the company and the users. Not only, he did all these things with passion and kindness, always respecting different opinions and hearing users suggestions.

We would like to remember to HervŠ¹ Yahi that the most of the work necessary to develop and distribute the distro is done by the community, and only thanks to Mr. Williamson the community of Mandriva has become bigger and more united, and thanks to him, it can continue to increase.

Mr. Yahi, don't think about the cost saving that will cause the A.W. displacement, think about what the company will lose without him.


Marcello Anni (and the whole Mandriva Community)