Ban Ghettopoly, a Racist Board Game

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There is a board game called 'Ghettopoly' ( ) that is being distributed. Designed by an Asian American, (someone who would not be knowledgeable of the TRUE African American perspective), it features all of the stereotypical messages & images that have suppressed blacks for decades. Some of the goals of the game include buying stolen properties, pimping 'hoes,' building crack houses, and other elements supposedly attributed to 'ghetto' life. The caricatures on the game board are not only clearly of African descent, but drawn in ways similar to the old-fashioned 'Black Sambo' drawings, with exaggerated lips, nose, etc. Worse, the logo of the game is being promoted through a line of clothing present on Cafй Shops: ( )

If you are a black person, or a person sympathetic to the African American experience, do not support this game, or others like it. Make a stand against these companies and sign the petition below. Let them and others know that we will not tolerate such blatant exploitation of our culture.