Let Nader Debate

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    Commission on Presidential Debates
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The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), a private corporation, will be excluding Ralph Nader from the 2004 presidential debates.

We the undersigned request that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) include Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo in the presidential and vice presidential debates.

The CPD is defying the wishes of the American people. Two polls have come out in the past week showing that a significant majority of Americans want to see third party and Independent candidates, and specifically Ralph Nader, included in the 2004 presidential debates. Mr. Nader and Mr. Camejo are both constitutionally eligible, have ballot access in enough states to receive at least 270 electoral votes, and have sufficient indicators of electoral support which meets the criteria of the Citizens Debate Commission.

Although the CPD proclaims that it is "objective and nonpartisan", in reality, in multiple election cycles, the criteria of the CPD are routinely applied to exclude third parties and Independent candidates. Consequently candidates who raise issues distinct from the Republican and Democratic candidates who are both pro-war, pro-Patriot act and pro-WTO/NAFTA are not likely to enter into the CPDs parallel interviews misnamed as "debates". CPD policy is reminiscent of what Anatole France once observed: "The law, in its majestic equality forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under the bridges" of France.

The criteria, CPDs law, in its majestic objectivity keep all the third parties and Independents alike out of all the debates all of the time, making the presidential debates less useful in confronting and solving the problems facing our country.

We believe that the American electorate should be given the opportunity to witness the ideas of the two corporate sponsored candidates challenged by Mr. Nader who represents the positions held by an overwhelming number of the American people.