Bring back Squeeze-it fruit drinks!!!!

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An outrage has occured. Little did anyone realize, that in 2001 the General Mills company ceased to make anymore squeeze-its. If we simply get enough support, then the glorius fruit drink will be brought back to the store shelves, where they belong. Then once again-- peace will be brought to the world and tastiness to our mouths. Bombard the General Mills consumer email with many furious emails saying you want the ultimate fun drink back. Smarty Arty will thank you.

"Bring back the Fruity Squeeze-it Beverage-- Do it now, We need your leverage!!"

fyi: if you don't recall, the Squeeze-it Fruit drink was a delightfully packaged themed drink. Cartoon faces with witty names were molded onto the squeezable containers. soft plastic was delicate to the lips of the consumer. so much fun was to be had every time you took a sip. different flavors, and different characters made drinking this exciting thirst quenching wonder an object of true beauty.