Facebook stole my Toronto Raptors page

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Facebook deleted my Toronto Raptors page, without warning or a chance to make things right, recently because they said I violated their terms of use. That is all they said, they never told which terms I violated, or gave me a chance to make things right, they just shut me down, and sent me on my way.

Simultaneously, another Toronto Raptors group sprung up with about the same number of fans (approximately 25,000). I also noticed that many of my friends were fans of this page, which is interesting because many of them arent Raptor fans at all and would only become a fan of a Raptor page to support me.

I find this troubling as the only reasonable explanation is that MLSE, or an agent of the Toronto Raptors organization complained to Facebook and had them STEAL the page that I built up over the last two years, and give it to whoever is administering that page now.

I have built this page to cross promote my Toronto Raptors blog (www.raptorsrepublic.com) over the last two years. This is unjust and I will do whatever I can to get an answer as to what really happened, and why I was not afforded the opportunity to bring the page in line with the terms of use. Please support this by signing this petition and sharing it with others who may be interested in helping me. Thank you in advance.

Sam aka Raps Fan
[email protected]