A.A.R.A. - Americans Against the R.A.V.E. Act

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    The U.S. Senate
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    people who belive that the R.A.V.E. Act violates our constitutional rights, and lives
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S 2633 The RAVE Act

For the full text of this bill, please go to http://thomas.loc.gov/ and search for S 2633

Purpose: Senators Grassley and Biden on June 18th proposed the Reducing Americas Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002 (S2633). This RAVE Act is in the Senate now and is awaiting a vote. This proposed bill focuses on establishments that feature electronic dance music. Under this bill, the federal government would have the power to prosecute law-abiding, tax paying venue owners and event promoters for the actions of their customers. Status: This bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate and can be voted on anytime on or after July 8th, 2002.

Background: Senate Bill 2633 is an attempt by legislators to reduce the illegal use of ecstasy by re-writing Title 21 U.S. Code Section 856 (aka the "crack house law") so that it can be easily used to shut down electronic dance music events. This legislation adds a $250,000 minimum civil liability clause to the existing criminal penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment and possible $500,000 fine. This legislation could have a devastating effect on the electronic dance music community.

The RAVE Act along with other bills such as H.R. 3782, known as Clean, Learn, Educate, Abolish, Neutralize, and Undermine Production (CLEAN-UP) of Methamphetamines Act of 2002, seriously jeopardize the liberties of law-abiding promoters and partygoers. Language used in both bills specifically target electronic dance music, even identifying events or raves as places with bass heavy sounds and repetitive rhythms. Targeting a music genre clearly violates our civil freedom. For more information on the effect this could have on you, visit www.aclu.org and search for rave.

Hello fellow EDM fans, my name is Dr. Kinetic and I am a small-time aspiring electronic music producer in the DC area. I am also a proud fan of the Electronic music community. This bill is something not to take lightly because if it gets passed, there will be barely, or worse no more "raves" or club venues in the United States. This will result in loss of money yet alone no jobs or gigs for DJs and Producers, loss of money to the city area where promoters pay taxes, and a void in the lively city-life, which has young people loving the city. Not only these will this occur, but the drug problem will not be solved. Ecstasy will still exist in other areas of our nation. It is not a bill; it is a witch-hunt to destroy an innocent community that faces what every other community faces. If they take our right to have these events away from us, because of Ecstasy, what do we have left?

Let us be real here. The R.A.V.E. Act is highly unconstitutional. It violates our freedom of assembly rights, which I believe is in our 1st Amendment with the freedom of speech. The government does not know anything about our scene other than the drug use. This really bothers me as much as it bothers you. Electronic Music is a business like Adult Entertainment, Hip Hop, and other industries that the government has tried to regulate before. Our business includes millions of DJs, Promoters, Producers, and Designers alike. The music is featured in many movies, TV shows and commercials, remixes of popular music, and is heavily becoming a part of the pop culture, which is flourishing tremendously. To many cities and regions, like Chicago and South Florida, it is the soul of their city.

So I ask you from one proud member of the EDM community to another, please sign this petition, because believe it or not, this scene is our life. We need to protect our culture and let the Senate know that shutting down a music culture because of drugs is not the answer to anything.

I am getting everyone, DJ and Producers (Popular and Local), Ravers, and People who know what music really is to sign this petition. So, please don't hesitate to sign. Thank you.