Legalize Raw Milk in Ontario

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    The Government of Ontario
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And to: The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
And to: The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission
And to: The Dairy Farmers of Ontario

WHEREAS it is illegal in Ontario to sell unpasteurized milk pursuant to the Milk Act and the Health Protection and Promotion Act;

AND WHEREAS there are many places around the world (including England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Denmark and numerous states of the United States) where unpasteurized milk is sold legally, pursuant to government regulatory regimes that assure the safety of the milk for the benefit of consumers;

AND WHEREAS the undersigned petitioners all desire to have the option to purchase and consume safe, regulated unpasteurized milk;

AND WHEREAS under the Milk Act it is the duty and responsibility of the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission, and its designated agent Dairy Farmers of Ontario, to develop policies that will stimulate the marketing of milk, and to maintain research programs for such policy development;

NOW THEREFORE the undersigned hereby request that the recipients of this petition establish the necessary programs to conduct research into establishing regulatory procedures and policies leading to the safe and legal sale of unpasteurized milk in Ontario.