An Original Resident Evil Entry For DS

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We, Nintendo DS owners would like Capcom to release a new entry to the Resident Evil franchise, built from ground-up specifically for the DS. It doesn't need to be the main series, it could be a side-story to resident evil.

Theres also an untapped genre but widely popular, the FPS (first person shooter). The Nintendo DS machine is widely suited for that genre. A Survival Horror / FPS (which in not on rails) would be more then welcome, especially with online modes.

We are also aware of the fact, that resident evil exists for DS, however this was a poor attempt at the DS, and a remake.

Seeing the sales of the Nintendo DS platform, we can guarantee you, that any original resident evil game will be a success, particularly with an online mode as I previously mentioned .

I hope and believe that this request, combined with the collection of a numerous amount of signatures, a step will finally be taken for the commencement of works to begin, to enable our dream to come true .