Changing the United States from an Oligarchic Republic to a Real Democracy

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We the undersigned agree:

1) that the republican form of government defined by the Constitution of the United States of America has shown itself to be highly susceptible to corruption and control by a small minority of wealthy persons and corporations;

2) that one of the primary reasons for this weakness is that so much power is vested in so few persons;

3) that it is impossible for any one representative to properly represent the interests and concerns of 600,000 or more people;

4) that a direct democracy would vest power equally in all participating members of society, making it much more difficult for special interests, corporations and wealthy persons and organizations to buy votes;

5) that to avoid tyranny by the majority or what some anti-democratic detractors have called mob rule, that any direct democracy formed must be guided by a Constitution with built-in rights and protections for individuals and minority interests;

6) that transportation and communications technology and general literacy in the US make several methods of direct democracy entirely feasible.

Therefore, we are resolved that

1) a national dialogue should begin to discuss how we should define a truly democratic form of self-government to replace the de facto oligarchic republic currently in place in the United States;

2) that the current Constitution of the United States should be amended to allow that future amendments can be proposed by citizens via petition and ratified through local assemblies;

3) that when ready, we the people of the United States of America shall propose a major amendment to the Constitution, amending Article I to transfer legislative authority from Congress to the People, amending Article II to change the office of the Presidency to an Executive Council, and whatever other amendments may be deemed appropriate by the people.