1A. Redesign the world online with E-initiative, referendum and recall as well as by conventional ballot to achieve peace, justice, equality and sustainability.

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    All people of the world
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The survival of civilization is in doubt. The world is threatened by ever increasing population, poverty, disease, war, terrorism, degrading environment, depletion of resources, ignorance, intolerance, etc. Annihilation by nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons remains a serious threat. Some fear that humanity will eventually have to abandon the earth altogether and colonize space.

Now that all people can be linked together online, they should be to redesign their world for peace, prosperity and sustainability. Different traditions and languages can now be overcome online. All can be fully informed and represent their best interests directly. So far, the United Nations has failed to do this and needs to be upgraded.
This should initially take the form of worldwide E-initiative, referendum and recall as well as initiative, referendum and recall by conventional ballot.

For more, please visit: http://members.cox.net/re.d.world.online/2.index.mht