Deny Mark David Chapman Parole

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    Parole Court of NY
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We the undersigned believe that Mark David Chapman should not be granted parole for the murder of John Lennon.

Chapman committed a heinous crime, unprovoked and without remorse. He shot to death John Lennon, a man who had signed an autograph for him only six hours earlier. He deserves to pay for this with life in prison.

It is also a matter of public safety that he not be released. He should not be free to harm anyone else. Please remember Mr. John Lennon, who believed in peace. Please remember that Mark David Chapman is forty-nine years old, and John Lennon never got to be older than forty.

Please do not let this man back on the streets.

John Winston Ono Lennon
October 9th, 1940 - December 8th, 1980