Rez HD port for PS3/PSN

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    The title-holders of the game Rez (be it Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Q Entertainment or Hexadrive)
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We the undersigned respectfully request a port of Rez HD to the Playstation 3's Playstation Network (PSN). Speculation implies that a port was originally passed over due to the Playstation 3's controller lacking rumble, which is of course very important to immersion in the game. Now that rumble has been included in the Dualshock 3, and is itself commonplace, little reason remains for the game's absence from PSN. Since a Hi Def port is already available for the Xbox 360 comparatively little work would be required for a PS3 version. We believe that making the game available on PSN would bolster sales as well as expose this cult classic game to a new audience & would be a worthwhile investment for the titleholder and consumers alike.