Make a sequel to Chrono Trigger

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    Square Enix
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Back in the 90sThere was known titles out in the video game industry that still stand out as great games. That also includes some various classics like Super Mario RPG and Donkey Kong country for example. But however during the 90s there was one game that had been said to be wildly considered the best video game for the Super Nintendo. And that game is Chrono Trigger. As the game was released the critics had praised the game for graphics, gameplay, story, and music. And it has won the award for best SNES video game. But after development of chrono trigger, it was said that the game had some unfinished business according to the people behind the game.

There have been a few attempts for a sequel to chrono trigger, but however despite the popular demand square had not decided to make a sequel to the game. If any game should get a sequel its chrono trigger. We fans of Chrono trigger would like to see Square finally give us fans of chrono trigger want. A full blown new chrono trigger video game. If any video game deserves a sequel it should be chrono trigger. So please make a new Chrono trigger game for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, And if possible PSP and Nintendo DS. Please square, what are u waiting for? Your missing out on a huge money maker here.