Radiohead Bristow Refund

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    Nissan Pavillion / Live Nation
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On may 11 many Radiohead fans wasted their time and money due to the lack of organization from the Nissan Pavilion / Live Nation Staff.

many of us were told by police and staff that we should turn around and go home, that the show was over. In most cases this was a lie. many of us had friend inside who kept us informed. We want our money back.

The venue was not ready for such a huge event and did not handle the influx of cars. Because of this many of us, who were driving from far away, did not get to see the show.

We demand a refund ... the ticket we paid for says very clearly "rain or shine", but the staff could not handle the rain or the people. we were also charged and extra $6 for parking, but the parking lot was full.

Please sign this petition and tell us how long you drove/where you were driving from. We want Nissan Pavilion to ogive us our money back.

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