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    The File-Sharing Loyalists.
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This is too finally send a volly out to the RIAA in the name of independant musicians and file sharing loyalists. We are not thieves. 99\% of us download new music too see if we like the band, then we go see said band and buy the merchandise that you are so loyal to protect. What you are doing is aiding the mainstream and murdering the underground. Its sick, its mass genocide, you are no better then the Nazi's in germany Mr. Riaa. You are so worried about losing money that you look away from the fact that we are the ones with the true people, we the people. It said it in the documents of yesteryear that we have certain rights, and you, Mr. Corporate Entity for the Masses, are violating most of them. Royalties on used CD's? On Blank CD's? This isn't big brother watching us, this is you people tryinig to injure our right to choose our own music. This might teach you, just a little, this is the Petition to state that until you allow servers like to come back online and stop this vicious tirade against the underground (because thats what it is, those people hurting your 'RIAA' approved empire), we will not buy one Compact Disc or tape from your little approved label list ( This is our choice, and you know what RIAA? If you want a piece of me... my name is Gavyn Bard, I live in Palmyra NJ, in the United States of America... so come find me. I want to argue this to the highest levels of Supreme Court. I have nothing to lose. Hear our voices RIAA, they will be ringing in your ears when you're down on your last court appeal.