Petition to Ban Art Bell Permanantly From Coast to Coast AM

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    Clear Channel and Coast to Coast AM
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    Art Bell, George Noory Coast to Coast AM Listeners
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We, the fans and listeners of the "Coast to Coast AM" show, sometimes known as the "Art Bell Show" after having been disgusted to listen to Art Bell's shallow preening and inane boasting about his 21 year old wife, demand that Art Bell be removed, fired, diallowed, banned from "COAST TO COAST AM" and CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS. His behavior is inappropriate, cruel and disrepectful to his late wife and her family, and to all the listeners who believed in his loyalty to his wife and his cats. When we hear he's ditching his cats and fleeing to the Philippines to live with a fly-by-night wife who wears t-shirts that say "Naughty and Nice" while Mr.Bell tries to convince us that she in an "intelligent teacher" is simply insulting. We, the listeners make these demands to George Noory and the Producers of Coast to Coast AM.