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Do you know how to electrocute a dog? We dont. Have you recently purchased a piece of property exclusively for your dog hobby? Most of us have not. After initially lying to Authorities, Michael Vick and his high paid lawyers are now asking for forgiveness of his mistakes. These are mistakes that have left a trail of evidence dating back to 2001, right after he signed a $150,000,000 contract with the Falcons.

If you feel forgiving, you havent read the federal indictment which was about to become even worse when he accepted the plea deal. Mr. Vick would rather have his image appear as though he made a few mistakes, than what would have come out while testifying about the brutal execution and torture of the dogs that had the unfortunate fate of belonging to Vick and his friends. Isnt this like saying that pro-wrestler Chris Benoit was a good man until he made a couple mistakes?

The single most difficult event of my life was lying on the floor holding my best friends head as the veterinarian euthanized her humanely when cancer brought her too much pain. Mr. Vicks mistakes include hanging, drowning, shooting and slamming his dogs bodies to the ground if they didnt rip and tear their opponents apart over at least a six year period of time.

Thank you, Air Tran for taking decisive action when the word came out about what kind of person he is. The same goes for Reebok, Rawlings, and ultimately Nike.

Why is the NFL acting slower than the federal government in deciding how to deal with Mr. Vick? Its all about the money.

We are not a member of PETA or the HSUS. The NFL will paint these groups as extreme. I contribute generously to our local shelter. We have bought many products that support the NFL up until now. But we plan to send a message to the NFL to take decisive action, in the only way that seems to matter to them.

Do you remember those Superbowl commercials with the cute Dalmatian puppies, the beautiful horses playing football? And there is always the Clydesdales. Anheuser Busch paid millions of dollars to the NFL to bring these commercials to animal lovers like us.

Other significant sponsors of the NFL include:

Miller Distributing
Subway Restaurants
Sierra Mist

There are many others.

My Peyton Manning drinking cup went into the trash after he said I wish him the best during last nights preseason game, when asked about the Vick situation. That was it. We are done watching the NFL and more importantly supporting the NFL through these sponsors until they throw Vick to the curb.

We dont wish Michael Vick the best. We wish the 60 or so victims of Bad Newz Kennels that are distributed across the state in local shelters the best. Unfortunately their future is not good. At least they wont be electrocuted, shot, hanged, drowned or slammed to the ground until they die painfully. Their heads and bodies will be stroked by the thankless shelter workers that have become attached to these poor dogs. These dogs are sitting at the shelter waiting on Michael Vick to take a plea deal, then they will be put to sleep humanely at least Mr. Vick and his friends wont be the last human they see or touch.

You can help tell these sponsors to tell the NFL to take action immediately and stop condoning the thug image of Michael Vick, through a temporary boycott of the NFLs sponsors products. Maybe then they will stop hiding and looking for a politically correct position. Enough is enough.

Help spread the word.

An anonymous dog lover.