Apologize to Rihanna from TMZ

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To TMZ.com Staff,

This petition is addressed to editors of TMZ.com who have posted a photo of injured Rihanna in the eve of her 21st birthday. We - the fans all around the world - feel that this action was very unethical and TMZ showed no respect to Rihanna's privacy in these troubled times.

Media nowdays does everything to increse their popularity and often use actions against all moral and ethical principles. We want to prove that we do not support this.

Rihanna is a young and innocent woman and we do not understand why TMZ or anyone who has spread the pictures taken by LA police department, has decided to punish her by posting this violent material in order to gain publicity.

We demand from TMZ editors to post on their website an apologize to Rihanna and her fans for their disrespectful behaviour.