Save the historic RKO Keith's Theater Site

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    Boymelgreen Developers
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To Boymelgreen Developers, Politicians of New York City, Local Media, Film Historians, and all other Enthusiasts of the World,
We, the residents of Flushing, Queens, New York, and the greater Metropolitan Area as well as any others in the world who are interested propose that the former RKO Keith's Theater site located at 129-43 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, Queens, NY, United States be restored and preserved in its current physical character. Boymelgreen Developers, the current owner, has plans to severely modify the site. Although Boymelgreen will have to preserve landmarked portions of the building under the law as well as possibly anything else in the building which is salvageable, this historic site filled with countless irreplaceable memories will be lost forever and the character of its charm will no longer remain. It is particularly possible to restore the existing structure and build above it, which will not only make the sentimental happy, but will still be extremely profitable for the developers. Downtown Flushing is a very prosperous area, and leaving room for the original structure to be maintained will not hinder possible profits which is what any developer would be seeking. As most of us know, grandeur and astonishing historical sites have been dissapearing in New York City over the past few decades, almost senselessly. The problem is far worse in Queens, and particularly Flushing. Dozens and dozens of private homes and other buildings, some dating from the 19th century, have been razed or modified beyond recognition. Our local history is dissapearing. Destroying the RKO Keith's Theater Site would sound the death knell of what Flushing is continually losing: history. Lastly, we plead that more be done to save this famous building, preserve the lost atmospheric architectural style which the building showcases, and maintain a gem for future generations to see and appreciate. Now is the time to awaken and prevent further destruction to our neighborhood of great historic importance.
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