Office of the National Nurse

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    United States Congress
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We, the undersigned, ask the United States Congress to embrace, legislate, and fund an Office of the National Nurse. This is a non-partisan Office, whose role is to enhance the health of all citizens through education and community outreach.

Each of the nations 2.7 million nurses will have the opportunity to join a community-based National Nurse Corps. Local Corps are encouraged to design activities that best meet the needs of their communities. The Office of the National Nurse will coordinate activities and share information among all Nurse Corps members to promote best practices that have the greatest impact on improving health while reducing costs. The Office of the National Nurse will also work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to create and support legislation designed to improve Americas health care.

Expert nurses will be chosen from the National Nurse Corps to present one health education topic to the American people each week. These 10- to 15-minute weekly broadcasts will be available for broadcast and on the Internet in different languages to reach Americas diverse population. Our goal is to create the most massive community outreach ever conducted by nurses.

The time has come for the Office of the National Nurse because nurses are health care experts -- the backbone of the health care system in the United States.