No Lacks for RockBand Wii

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    Harmonix, Activision & Nintendo
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Harmonix, MTV & Electronic Arts made a really good game : Rock Band.
Wii's owners were impatient about this game, but now, they know that the game will be a "lower version" of the PS3 & XBOX360 game.

Players want to play online ! Downloadable content is'nt a priority for all of them, but it's not a bad thing to have the possibility to get more tracks.

Players also want to play at RockBand with their Guitar Hero III controllers, and vice versa. Because these games are'nt cheap at all ! Lots of gamers were waiting the release of RockBand to play with theirs friends, but now they must buy lots of different "guitars"... We're not all rich, if you want to know...

So, We hope that Harmonix, Activision and Nintendo will think about gamers who shout here that they don't want this "lower version" of RockBand.

Thanks for us.