Save the Routemaster - London's bus

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The Routemaster bus, with its open back and conductors, is a global symbol of Britains capital, cherished by Londoners and tourists alike. It seems that you are intent on scrapping this bus without so much as asking the people who use it, and others, if this is what they want.

Admittedly, it has its drawbacks. Its not the most wheelchair accessible form of transport. And where possible every effort should be made to make transport accessible. Its also maybe more expensive to maintain than modern buses.

But a balance has to be struck between these concerns and the role this bus plays as a design icon, symbol of London, and, most importantly, a comfortable and enjoyable form of transport. Also, in London, these iconic buses operate only a small number of routes anyway. And these buses are still going strong after half a century.

Please, Transport for London, dont consign the Routemaster to the bus garage of history.