Roy Orbison Commemorative Stamp

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    Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee
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United States Postal Service
Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
C/O Stamp Development
475 L'Enfant Plaza S.W. Room 5670
Washington, D.C.


We the undersigned, respectfully request that the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee approve a Roy Orbison Commemorative Stamp to celebrate the life, talent, and music of the incomparable American Music Talent, Roy Orbison.

This petition stands the test of time and is consistent with public opinion and broad National and International interest, and features an American related subject.

Various Political interests in Government are being contacted to support our interest and cause, and to see the projects implementation and completion.

By signing this petition I demonstrate my support of the Roy Orbison Commemorative stamp and express my willingness to allow Roy Orbison, Inc. to use my Name and the information provided by me in furtherance of their efforts to secure a United States Postal Service Commemorative Stamp Honoring Roy Orbison.