Road Rovers DVD Release Petition

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    Warner Bros. Pictures
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To: Warner Bros. Pictures

Dear Warner Bros. Pictures,

It has come to the attention of the vast majority of 90's cartoons fans (and Road Rovers fans in general) that your company currently considers releasing the long lost TV show, "Road Rovers." In consideration with the release of "The Animaniacs," and "Pinky And The Brain," we of the Road Rovers Fan community would appreciate a DVD release of this spectacular series, preferably by the end of 2008 or at least the following year.

It would be much appreciated of you to include the following on a "Road Rovers: TV Series" DVD release:

The unedited and edited versions of Episode 13,

TV Spots

5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Audio, or at the very least Stereo Sound

A good number of chapter stops for each episode

And although unlikely, we would hope it would be possible to obtain some extras for the series, such as some behind the scenes footage and bloopers as well.

Need I remind you that a profit is likely to be reaped from a release of this series on DVD as many fans are eagerly anticipating splurging on Warner Bros. Cartoons of the '90s, like "The Animaniacs,"

Thank you.