Seeking justice for Ruchika

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    President of India
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    Citizens of India
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After Former Haryana Director General of Police SPS Rathore was convicted of molesting a minor girl 19 years back but escaped with a lighter six-month jail term for the crime against the budding tennis player who committed suicide three years later, Ruchika's friend Aradhana called for justice for the victim and her family. Let's all join her in her fight.

I am submitting this petition on behalf of all aggrieved citizens of India to Hon'ble President of India for her immediate attention to look into the case and provide justice to Ruchika for her suffering in the hands of people in uniform 19 years ago.

"My fight for Ruchika won't end here".....
"You have gone away too lightly. But this is not over. We will pursue this matter further and my friend's life has gone because of you. I will make sure that she gets justice and also the punishment you will get from the judicial system, which I have full faith in, will be a very harsh one which you deserve. I want the judicial system to consider this and make it an example in front of others. This is not over yet. You will be punished proportionate to the crime you have committed."

22 Dec 2009, 1047 hrs IST --- Ruchika's friend Aradhanaon on TIMES NOW...