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To: All White-Tail Deer Hunters, Outdoor Gear Manufacturers, all outdoor products vendors, Outdoor Publications, Outdoor Writers and Hunting Forums.

David Farbman, Commissioner and CEO of the new, so called World Hunting Association, (WHA) has outraged hunters all across the United States by announcing his plans to conduct what they call a non-lethal hunting tournament. In effect, they intend to have dart and release deer hunting tournaments, in which the deer will be shot with medicines to tranquilize the animal, to then be scored and judged, before being revived, and released back into the wilds of the high fence area the hunts will take place.

The entire hunting community has made it clear in no uncertain terms, that this plan by Farbman and the WHA is unacceptable, and in no way represents any in our ranks who support only fair chase, ethical hunting. Most, if not all sponsors have pulled their names and support from this blight on the hunting world, and outdoor companies and hunters alike are most vocal in their outrage over the inception of this ridiculous idea.

Notable outdoor names who have already, publicly, denounced Farbman and his WHA tournament, are, Pope & Young, Safari Club International, Boone & Crockett, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Hunting Indiana Forum, Indiana Deer Hunters Association, Cabela`a, Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor Life, Muzzy, Mossy Oak and Xtreme Scents. There are many more, but are too numerous to list.

Unfortunately, Farbman has the financial resources to continue with this affront to the hunting community even without the support of sponsors, and it appears as though his intention is to continue. We the undersigned, wish to make known their opposition to this pathetic attempt to assault the hunting tradition and heritage that we love. Additionally, we would call on all in the hunting community to boycott any and all who may agree to sponsor or participate in this pathetic sham.