A Change of the National Motto

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    The Congress of the United States of America
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As a free-thinking, non-religious teen, I feel that the American national motto, In God We Trust traverses the separation of Church and State and excludes those Americans who are not affiliated with religion or those who hold different religious beliefs. America is known as The Land of the Free - not The Land of Christianity.

I propose for legislation, the change of the national motto from In God We Trust to Peace Be the Journey. Our current national motto has never represented and will never justly represent the views of all American citizens. What this country needs is peace, and In God We Trust, a motto which supports religion - something that proliferates war and hostility both domestically and internationally - is far from the want of peace. I urge all who believe America should be fair to all citizens, despite religious affiliation, and who long for peace throughout the land, to sign this petition.