Animal Rights- Stop Animal Testing for Dove

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Do you own a pet? Do you adore animals? How would it feel to find out that something you use everyday, such as deodorant, is experimented on poor animals? According to Rx for science literary, cats and dogs are the two of the most common animals used in animal testing. Just think about your cat or dog being tested on. While performing these experiments, companies seriously damage the pets and guess what? Animals can feel too. ClichŠ¹ as it may seem to say they feel pain too, its so very true. While researching what companies practice animal testing I was shocked to find that many popular companies practice animal testing. Even, a company that I use myself (Well, not anymore.)
That company was Dove. Dove is one of the most popular brand names for household products such as soap, deodorant, and body wash. Dove has started a campaign for real beauty. Their new ads suggest that not everyone should be discriminated for their body type. What people dont know is that while Dove is advertising inner beauty theyre wrongfully testing on animals. Arent animals beautiful? By choosing animals to test on, isnt that some sort of discrimination? I found it utterly appalling that they want to find real beauty, and while finding that beauty they strip down animals of their beauty and they torture these animals. Dove is hypocritical and terrible for doing this. If theyre going to continue to campaign for REAL and TRUE beauty they should stop the animal testing immediately. These animals have real beauty and they should have the right to keep that beauty. They shouldnt be beaten and tortured. According to PETA, between 25 and 50 billion animals are killed each year because of animal testing. If you find this as disgusting as I do, then sign this petition. Humans are animals and we are allowed the right to not be tortured. Animals deserve that right too.