Release "Sammy's Super T-Shirt" On DVD/VHS

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    The Children's Film And Televison Foundation and Network Videos
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    The "Sammy's Super T-Shirt" Website
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We are petitioning for the the DVD/VHS release of the 1978 CFF film classic "Sammy's Super T-Shirt". The names listed are those who would love to see this cult classic released on those media. We are very grateful for the 4 CFF releases that are already available (The Adventures of HAL 5 / Eggheads Robot, Cup Fever / Hide and Seek, Go Kart Go / A Hitch in Time, Runaway Railway / Junket 89) but we would love to see "Sammy's Super T-Shirt" available too. It has a decent cult following and we're sure it'd be a valuable addition to the series. With the ongoing wave of '70s/'80s TV nostalgia that's going on right now you'd be crazy not to!