Keep Rolling Rock in Latrobe

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    August A. Busch IV
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Mr. August A. Busch IV,

We, the people of Latrobe and surrounding communities, as well as Rolling Rock drinkers everywhere ask that Rolling Rock be kept in Latrobe Pennsylvania. Your company and name have always been associated with strong family tradition. You are quoted as saying, We have an ideal opportunity to grow this historic brand. This beer is not like others and its consumer following is equally distinctive. We ask you not ruin this beers rich history by moving it out of its birthplace. You would be stripping the city of everything it has known for over a century. The brewery and everything it represents coincide with Latrobe; Latrobe is Rolling Rock, Rolling Rock is Latrobe. We the people are not upset or bothered by the purchase; we hope you can help grow this great brand. We do, however, ask that you keep Rolling Rock in its hometown. If expansion is necessary- so be it. But please, for the sake of a city and all Rolling Rock fans, we ask that you keep Rolling Rocks base in its mother city- and keep our family alive.