Save Our Slayers!!! A Petitition from the Fans of Slayers

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    the owner of the dub rights to "Slayers Premium"
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    The Fans of Slayers
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Save Our Slayers!!!

Those of us who watch a lot of anime know the value of a GOOD dub when we hear one. Whether you watch dubs or not, everyone can agree that it is better to support quality than to accept a poor product. Across the board, anime fans agree that the Slayers TV series is a great English adaptation largely because of the talent and dedication of the cast! The Slayers weve come to know and love should not be voiced by anyone other than the same talented individuals who have given us joy and entertainment for so many years!

With the release of the new Slayers movie, Slayers Premium, in Japan, there has been a lot of speculation as to which American anime company has the rights to do the English dub. If it is Central Park Media, the company who produced the dub for the Slayers TV series, there is no problem. But if another anime company owns the rights, they may opt to recast the main characters in Slayers Premium in order to save money!!!

Imagine Slayers TV without Lisa Ortiz, Eric Stuart, Veronica Taylor, and Crispin Freeman! Not to mention David Moo, who gave us our lovable Xelloss! Can we as fans really afford not to speak our minds on this???

Many anime companies cite cost issues as a reason to cut corners on production. Unfortunately, it is we, the fans, who suffer the most when this happens. It is time to make our voices heard, so that anime companies will know what we want!

Please take a moment to add your name and comments to this petition. (Please be polite.) Tell the company who owns Premium that you dont want the movie dubbed without your favorite voice actor(s)! Tell them to bring back the original cast! Save our Slayers!

To the production company who owns the rights to Slayers Premium:

This is a petition by the fans of Slayers to recast the original English dub voice actors for the new movie, Slayers Premium.

We, the undersigned, voice our desire for the following voice actors to be cast in Slayers Premium:

Lina Inverse: Lisa Ortiz
Gourry Gabriev: Eric Stuart
Amelia Wil Tesla Sairune: Veronica Taylor
Zelgadis Graywords: Crispin Freeman
Xelloss Metallium: David Moo

We guarantee your product will sell better if you draw upon the existing fan-base of these talented voice actors. Please do not cast new people in these roles! We will show our appreciation and support by purchasing your product. Please give us what we ask for. You will not be disappointed.