Save the Astoria

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    Derwent Valley Central
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Several months ago, Derwent Valley Central struck a deal with Mean Fiddler to 're-develop' the complex on Tottenham Court Road housing the Astoria venue.

The plan seems to be to knock down the complex to make way for extra shops, flats and offices in time for the Olympics in 2012.

We're not letting the Astoria go without a fight. An outlet for the arts is being destroyed in favour of something the surrounding area doesn't really lack in. England is at an all-time high as far as developing new music is concerned - why stunt that by taking away the premier music venue of its size in London? The Astoria marks the point at which a band is just about to hit the big time - the loss of this place may take away the rise of the next big breakthrough in London's music scene.

The only other venues of similar size are in North London - not the best place to be caught after dark when you're a bit worse for wear. As the sale has already taken place and there's no reversing that we may as well try for a new complex of shops to be built around the venue, like the Islington Academy.

So join the revolution! Save the Astoria! Whether or not you're a Londoner, if you care about live music spread the word, wear the t-shirt or at the very least sign this petition!

Bulldozers move in in 2008. We're not giving up hope yet, and neither should you!