Reprisal of Starcraft II Voice Actors: Kerrigan and Jim Raynor

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    Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
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Starcraft fans wish Blizzard Entertainment, Inc to hire Glynnis Talken and Robert Clotworthy for the reprisal of their roles as Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor in the upcoming Starcraft II RTS-game.

Everyone loves their performance as voice actors, and have grown attached emotionally to these characters and the voices behind them. As a Starcraft fan, you have the power to choose who you wish as voice actor. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. is currently casting people for the voice acting.

This petition reflects the voice of the Starcraft Community.

Explain why you wish Glynnis Talken and Robert Clotworthy to return as voice actors in Starcraft II over new and fresh actors.

Note: Spread this petition everywhere online in your favorite forum communities and submit the news to your favorite website or fansite. Word of mouth helps communicate to all Starcraft fans your concern.

The goal is over 100,000 signatures that will be submited to Blizzard Entertainment. Make your voice be heard.

Note: A recent interview with Glynnis and Robert revealed they are willing and excited to reprise their roles. It's a matter of "if" Blizzard wishes to hire them for Starcraft II.

Glynnis Talken Interview:

Robert Clotworthy Interview: