Stop Using Gas Chambers to Kill Animals at the St. Joseph, MO Animal Shelter

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    St. Joseph City Council members
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To: all concerned citizens

We have been working with veterinarians, city government officials, and citizens in St. Joseph, MO to change the present local laws and ordinances, and to ban the use of gas chambers to kill animals in the city's shelter.

We have shown that THE SAFEST AND MOST HUMANE WAY TO EUTHANIZE AN ANIMAL IS BY LETHAL INJECTION. A letter has been sent to each city council member.

We have contacted the city officials about the fact that the shelter still uses the gas chamber and to educate them as to its DANGER TO HUMANS and to show that it is indeed INHUMANE. Maybe you live in St. Joseph and are not aware that they are using this outdated, inhumane method. St. Joseph's shelters is one of the few shelters in all of Missouri that still uses this barbaric inhumane method to kill animals.

Other people in towns across Missouri, who feel it is barbaric, have eliminated the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers.

We, the undersigned, demand a immediate BAN OF THE USE OF THE GAS CHAMBER as a method of killing unwanted animals, vicious, aggressive, wild, or rabid animals in St. Joseph's animal shelter.