SeaQuest DSV on DVD

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    Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment
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This is a petition requesting Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment to release the 3 "seaQuest DSV" seasons (season 3 being called "seaQuest 2032") on DVD. This great show came to an unfortunate end and fans of the show have nothing to show for it. There have been PAL released video tapes of a handful of shows from the first season, but no effort has been made to provide fans with DVDs containing all the "seaQuest DSV" shows they loved.

In request of placing these beloved shows on DVD, we also ask that some thought go into releasing them. We'd like to request that they be given respectable DVD transfers so that fans can watch the shows with the best quality. If there are any behind-the-scenes documentaries, any interviews, conceptual art/designs, or any bonus material available, that those materials be placed on the DVD set as bonus features. Most important please retain the original aspect ratio, whether that be full screen or widescreen. To any of you signing this petition, if you think of any additional requests, please place it in the appropriate field when signing the petition.

We'd like to thank you for your time and hearing out our request.