Sean Lennon Fans Unite

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    Sean Lennon Fans Around the World
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The goal of this petition is to give Sean a little taste of just how many supporters, -Sean Lennon, the Musician- has.

By a chance meeting and small conversation with the man himself, we've come to the conclusion that Sean Lennon may not realize how many genuine admirers he has of his music and how much it is truly missed by us all.

Sean gained many fans when his solo debut LP "Into The Sun" was released in '98. Especially after fans were fortunate enough to see and hear him perform in concert. His album was given great reviews by most critics but most importantly the best reviews came from the fans.

5 years later, young and old alike are still discovering Sean and his music. People from all over the world admire his work and are eagerly anticipating the long awaited follow up album to "Into The Sun". And of course,their chance to finally see Sean perform his own material live!

By signing this petition you are uniting with other fans and showing your support to Sean Lennon and his much loved and much missed music.

This is your chance to let him know you are a true fan.

All signatures of this petition will be sent to Sean Lennon.