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No longer can we, "One Nation Under God" ignore our creator and allow the death of so many children in this country . Our nation has become the strongest county in the world, why? Because of the God we are founded under. Our God is the Real God, not Buda, Nor Mohammed. Our God has blessed this nation with wealth and you show me a country that worships any other God and I will show you a third world mindset, confused, mislead, and motivated with hate.

We need to realize that God is not being introduced to children in many homes today and the offspring of that home needs to know that God is there for him/her in prayer. It was thought in the seventies that God was only to be introduced in the homes and let's face it, that did not work, as you readily can see.

This country was founded on one God and that is where it needs to stay. Success and long life for all of us is in our Heavenly Father's hands.We do not need to go around teaching our neighbor the many winds of doctrines. (new covenant) (Hebrews 8: 10-13) No..we merely need to live LOVE in front of these children and others and give God moments of worship and the love back that he deserves. We do not want government to teach children, we merely want the God this country was founded on to be introduced to All American children in the form of Bible Stories, without direct teaching instructions from the classroom teacher for the younger and Bible Scriptures without direct teaching instructions from the classroom teacher for the older. We also want a reasonable time each day for the students to say prayers to God. For those who are of a different religion or of a different god, they need to be taught that first this country that they are in, believes in the God we were founded on and their parents or guardians spend the money that tell us we are One Nation under that one and only God, and they need to keep silent in respect to this country, the world's most blessed Nation and to the God that blessed her and made her possible. No minority groups, no other gods, no other voice should ever be allowed to be raised against this right for our children to know the God of this country, not one!!! Since this devastation in our schools took place, this has been the largest DISCRIMINATION of all time. Where are OUR rights?
Children need to see this every day of their lives and the schools were originally designed to assist families in the education of their children and to allow them that moment to thank their creator for the opportunity to do so in this free country blessed by God. It is when we say, "We don't need you any longer!!" ,that he allows us to see the failure of our ways through what you and I are seeing now daily in the news. And because of this fact, I say that this is the devastating outcome of a country not willing to take a stand for God, and not willing to admit that God and God alone is the answer to everything from A to Z in this life. We are too far bound up in the rights of mankind and forgetting the rights of God and the price he paid to bring us back to him. God Forgive Us!

For those of you who wonder why we should put God back into the schools incase there might be those few who do not believe in him: My answer is plain and simple. This country was founded upon a loving God. If you do not believe in God....and stopping here to explain what I mean by that....I am saying that it does not matter what "Church" you belong to, nor does it matter if you even belong to one at all...If you , in fact , do not believe in "AGAPE LOVE", "God", and do not have God's Love within you, nor any hope to ever have God's Love within your spiritual being...then you are not part of the solution for this country, you represent all the bitterness, all the greed, all the confusion, and all the hate and murder in the streets and schools. For without God, (and I do not mean without "CHURCH"..I am saying without "LOVE", and that is who God really is) there are all these things and more. If you can not be a part of the solution for this mighty Nation of America, you are nothing more than the very problem mentioned therein. My suggestion to you would be to leave her.

It took only one insane woman to change the future, which lead to the deaths of many children by taking prayer out of our schools.That needs to die a death along with her!!!

I, one woman of a sound mind, am taking a stand to help put prayer back into the schools and asking that you help me in this effort.

A Nation Divided with many cultures as we are allowing now in this country, will die! You and I need to stand up for what we know works for the safety of one another and reflect back on just how this ground that we live on was bought and paid for.

Men died horrible deaths (Our ancestors, not the new comer's ancestors) to give us this nation and they did not die wanting, nor thinking that this country would be where it is today.... A Nation Divided with many little gods in control and many languages and differing beliefs, This my fellow countryman, is NOT a united civilization. It is wonderful that the "Open Door" to our country symbolizes a loving welcome and chance for a better life for those who would not have that opportunity, and want to love her as we do however, we, who are already in this country need to continue to stand up for what is right instead of allowing minority rule such as one woman taking our Lord out of public schools and alternative life styles to creep in like a cancer, not to mention other languages that only confuse a once strong Nation.

My solution to all the above would be to allow a moment of silent prayer each day for all students, with no doctrines being taught. Allow the student to only hear about the Love of the same God, who gave his son Jesus on the cross to bring us back to him which this country was founded on, not other gods who have come in that door since the founding of this Nation.