Boycott Kmart and Anti-Gun Hysteria

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We, the undersigned, strongly object to the timid and irresponsible decision by Kmart CEO Conaway to discontinue the sale of handgun ammunition in Kmart stores.

Harrassed by hysterical anti-gun zealots who blamed Kmart for selling the ammunition used in the Columbine High School tragedy, Mr. Conaway has capitulated -- apparently without understanding how irresponsible that action was.

It wasn't Kmart's fault that no responsible adult carried a firearm loaded with Kmart ammunition at Columbine on that fateful day. Had someone been so prepared, many lives could have been saved. For all we know, Kmart may also have supplied the ammunition in the guns carried by the police officers who arrived at Columbine and dithered around for hours while children were being killed. Should we blame Kmart for that, too?

America has for decades been indulging in a headlong flight from individual responsibility, and this episode is but one unfortunate example. In a responsible society, adults are prepared to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors from the predations of the evil and sick in that society. Handguns are the only existing means whereby ANY able adult -- small, elderly, infirm, or disabled adults as well as large and burly ones -- can effectively stop (and very often PREVENT) violence when it happens.

But many Americans don't want that kind of responsibility. It is frightening to think that one's very life, and even the lives of others, might depend on one's own mature judgment, preparation, and competence. But that's just what adulthood is.

In fact, the safe, accurate and responsible use of firearms isn't rocket science. Any normal 12-year-old can learn to handle firearms safely and respectfully. Those who get that kind of training, not surprisingly, do not cause firearms tragedies; in fact, they have even ENDED a school shooting spree through knowledgeable, courageous action. There is no doubt but that firearms training is one of the best ways to turn children into responsible adults.

Kmart, by adopting an anti-gun policy, is supporting (however unwittingly) this dangerous and irresponsible trend. That's their right. But Kmart's irresponsibility will "impact" its bottom line, as responsible Americans shop elsewhere.

Not long ago, gun owners were upset about the anti-gun pronouncements of erstwhile Kmart spokesperson, Rosie O'Donnell. They boycotted. Rosie is gone, and the boycotters returned happily to Kmart.

It is unwise to disregard the lessons of history.

We hereby announce that we will not shop in Kmart stores unless and until they decide to rescind their anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-responsibility policy. When Kmart once again sells to its customers ALL manner of legal goods they need to live safe, comfortable, and happy lives (limited only by market, not political, considerations), this boycott will end.

We strongly recommend that Mr. Conaway, as CEO of one of America's greatest corporate entities, make a strong and very public apology and statement of commitment to an America in which adulthood is a matter of responsible behavior, not just chronological age.