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Enough is enough.

It is time for fans of baseball, not only fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, to stand up and let Major League Baseball know we are not happy with the imbalance of baseball economics. Yes the Yankees are to one extreme, but the bigger issue is with teams willing to milk the cash cow. The Yankees attempt to put the best product on the field no matter the cost. The Pirates, and some other franchises, are more willing to pocket a profit than put the best product they can on the field.

Teams like the Pirates have consistently been in the bottom fourth of baseball team salaries while other similar sized markets have fielded much better teams at much higher payrolls, not only at the Major League level but throughout the minors. The Pirates continue to field poor teams that have been mismanaged by ownership on down. The current ownership seemingly manages the team strictly as a business investment with no plan to improve the franchise thus bringing down the respectability of the organization as well as the respectability entire league. For fourteen plus seasons Pirates fans have endured poor ownership decisions and poorer player personnel decisions. It is time for a change at the top of the franchise, not at the figurehead position.

The Pirates have one of the best, if not the best, baseball parks in the league. It is a shame the franchise can not put a product on the field equivalent to the building it plays in.

The commissioner has a clause "for the good of the game" that must be invoked to save this once proud franchise. Mr. Selig, please find a way to force this ownership group to sell the franchise. Show the sports world that baseball will not stand for incompetent owners destroying the good name of baseball.

Please Mr. Selig, and all baseball executives, listen to the fans voice and restore some of the luster back to this once proud franchise.

Sell the Pirates. We need an owner who loves the Bucs. Not an ownership group who loves the bucks.

Please sign the petition below to show your support. If MLB will take the stand against just one franchise, the rest of the poorly managed teams will hopefully clean up their acts as well.

Please use your real name and email address, you will have the option of keeping the email address private. By using your real name, it will carry more weight than nicknames or aliases.