The Official Bring Back the Old Ottawa Senators Logo and Jerseys

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To those within the Ottawa Senators organization:

As fans, it's a little bit disconcerting that our beloved Senators have not only underachived this year, but they aesthetically look bad as well. It's one thing to stomach a bad performance, it's another to stomach an ugly set of uniforms. While we recognize that it may take Bryan Murray and management some time to return the Senators to NHL prominence, we realize that it would take the organization less time to bring back the original logo and uniforms that were oh so attractive.

The Senators have only been in modern existence for 17 years and the team has gone through more jersey concepts than the Chicago Blackhawks. There's a reason why the Blackhawks haven't changed their logo to a 3-D logo that would resemble the Cleveland Indians logo. Recently, your organization came to its senses by bringing back the Senators anthem that used to be played before each period that the team took to the ice. Why the uproar? We in Ottawa crave tradition, so do the right thing -- Bring back the old logo and uniforms.