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For all women in the world.

There are enough studs out there for every woman if they're willing to share.

I would like to ask all women in the world to mate with the smartest richest male.

Why? Because I am rich and I am sick fucking tired of supporting the rest of the population with worse Genes than I am.

So ladies....

Males want as many females as possible. There are many rich millionaires and billionaires want to love, hug, and knock you up.

The richer, smarter, and attractive the males, the less likely they use violence to keep females in line.

Only poor males need to resort to beating, wife burning, genital mutilation, and government's laws to attract females. Why settle for such males? Pick richer ones.

We, the alpha males want women to choose all they want because we know that when women can choose, they choose us.

I know you've been indoctrinated by romance and stuff. But guess what, that's bullshit.

The whole point of romance, monogamy, etc. is to RATION females to less desirable males. Often, forceful indoctrination is done under the pretext of protecting females interest. Any opposing opinion is called offensive for females.

I know many of my females friends that are NOT happy in marriage. Some are trapped there prevented from divorcing by the law. If the females no longer want him, and shes forced, thats rape right? Well, thats marriage. Legalize rape.

Is that the kind of life you want to have ladies? Thats what happens to women that are trapped into a marriage relationship with a lesser cock.

Its natural that women are happier with guys like me than be the only one for lesser cocks. A few have chosen so, and I want more. Of course. Richer smarter males provide more money and better genes.

Of course, ladies, if you aim for high quality cock, you'll be in crowded place. So you got to share. However, sharing has a benefit too. When you aim for guys that already have females, you know that the guy is capable enough to attract females. That improve the probability that you get good genes right? Dont you get turned on being approached by rich smart studs?

But so what? Our instincts are built for gene pool survival. Your eggs are limited. You get pregnant for 9 months after you got knocked up.

Don't you want the best genes to fertilize your egg?

Now, sharing males have one disadvantage. The money is rationed too. But so what?

1\% of a billionaires' wealth is more than 100\% of floor moppers wealth. And then you got better genes ladies.

Even males like me don't mind sharing once in a while if the women are pretty enough.

You see, what we, rich people fear from sharing females, are consequences of having to give away wealth proportional with our money. If it's not proportional so what? We also hate being tricked into supporting other's kid through marriage and adultery. As long as things are front front, were fine.

Also, dont get married. Marriage is a trap to bond you to some lesser cocks. Marriage contracts are heavily regulated by governments that serve the interest of less desirable males.

Women, why not decide your own term of sex relationship rather than letting lesser cocks decide whats best for you?

So ladies, ignore what churches, schools, and Disney taught you. If you want happiness, aim for quality. Let the lesser cocks go fuck themselves and jerk off. Aim for rich smart males like us. We love you. Why settle for your equal if you can aim higher?

I am not sexist. I am just a rich smart male that knows what women instinctively want. That's why many chicks want me. I just want more. Rich smart males want to spread our superior genes to as many females as possible through consensual means. Why we are immoral?

Now, I know rich smart males are rare. That happens because there are many laws that prevent us from being available to you.

For example, alimony, palimony, and child support is proportional with men's wealth. Now, we get nervous attracting females under that law. Why not let females choose the kind of financial commitment that she want?

Females will be better off having sex for $100,000 per year from a billionaire than having sex for $10,000 per year with a floor mopper right? Why not let the females choose?

However, such mutually beneficial arrangements are prevented because lesser cocks dictate that all sexual relationship has to be based on love thats supposedly shouldnt be shared. Bull shit

The real problem is because the lesser cocks wouldn't get any. So, they make laws against that. And then they trick females that the laws are there to protect females interest. Of course not.

Females like any other HUMAN beings will have their interest served with CHOICES of what to do with their body. Prohibition of mutually consensual acts between males and females will always hurt females interest.

Ladies, if there is enough of you that sign this petition, I can use this as justification to eradicate all such laws. Then rich smart males will be available to you.

If women say blankly what they want loud and clear, lesser cocks will have harder time limiting your CHOICE under the pretext of protecting you.

So please sign up. Also allow me to see your email so I can introduce you to rich smart males, including my self. Theres an option that says private email.

I love you ladies