Ban Special Force 2

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    Ministry of Information, Government of Bahrain
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Special Force 2 is an extremely violent computer game aimed at children between the ages of 12 and 18, which gives them the opportunity to pretend to be members of Hizbollah Mujahideen, reenacting the devastating Hizbollah-Israeli attacks from 2006.

The Hizbollah-designed game is being widely sold in Bahrain for the affordable price of BD 6. Local retailers are not only selling the game but encouraging the Bahraini youth to buy it, and this must be stopped immediately. Special Force 2 encourages violence for Arab children in a very political and religious way, by taking a devastating war and manipulating it into a recruitment process for Hizbollah through a childrens video game. By allowing children to purchase and play these games the Bahraini government is indirectly promoting violence in the region.

According to Hizbollahs media official Sheikh Ali Daher (as quoted by Reuters), Through this game the child can build the idea that this enemy [Israel] can be defeated. The features are so that the child can understand fighting the enemy does not only require the gun. It requires readiness, supplies, armament, attentiveness, tactics.

Allowing this game to be sold in Bahrain means that we are supporting Hizbollahs manipulation and recruitment of Bahraini children. Therefore, the government of Bahrain should ban all shops from selling Special Force 2, should confiscate any games that have already been sold, and publicly condemn this violent practice. Would you want your child to believe that violence and war is acceptable and encouraged among Arabs? Please sign this petition to show your support and to stop Hizbollah from influencing our Bahraini youth.