WM5 ROM for SGH-i300

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This Petition aims to show the support for SGH-i300's owners right to have Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 OS ("magneto") in this device.

The Undersigned wish to notify Samsung Corp. of their Neglecting to release WM5 ROM for SGH-i300.

Samsung announced in CeBIT 2005, this phone is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 OS Also in their official site: (http://www.samsung.com/me/products/mobilephones/gsm/sgh_i300.asp)

When we bought SGH-i300 it had Windows Mobile 2003 second edition instead of Windows Mobile 5.We feel that they must release official WM5 ROM for SGH-i300. Without this, we will discontinue buying from Samsung.

Please think rationally Samsung!