Shark-Free Sailfish Marina

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    Board of Directors, American Financial Group Inc.
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We the undersigned respectfully request that you declare Sailfish Marina & Resort a shark-free marina and thus prohibit the harvesting or landing of sharks at your marina.

Tens of millions of sharks are being slaughtered worldwide each year. Numerous species of sharks which have inhabited our oceans for millions of years are on the brink of extinction. Sharks are beautiful and magnificent creatures that have earned the right to be respected and admired by future generations.

You may be unaware, but your marina on Singer Island is probably the most notorious marina in Southeast Florida for displaying brutally killed sharks sharks killed by irresponsible charter boat captains who impress their clients and believe they have accomplished something by killing a creature that realistically cannot fight back.

On approximately August 24, 2010, a 9-foot female Hammerhead Shark was displayed at your marina with a hook in her blood-stained mouth. This was a truly beautiful shark that did not deserve to die. Apparently, some tourists visited Florida to intentionally hunt and kill a shark because they needed something to hang on their wall back home.

This tragedy was just the most recent. This has happened many times at your marina and will undoubtedly occur again in the near future.

Unfortunately, the State of Florida is slow to react and many species of sharks including the Hammerhead can still be legally caught and killed in this state.

But, you have the power to end this conduct at your marina.

We ask for your help.

We ask that you take the lead and set an example for other marinas to follow; we ask that you join us in our efforts to protect these incredibly under-appreciated and seriously misunderstood creatures; we ask that you do your part in helping us save Floridas sharks because they cant save themselves from humanity.


Thank you for your time and consideration.