2006 Virginia Sunday Hunting

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    Virginia General Assembly
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We, the undersigned, hereby petition the Virginia General Assembly to allow hunting on Sunday in the state of Virginia. The current ban on Sunday hunting discriminates against the hard working hunter and sportsman who might have to work 6 days a week. Under the current law, you can do anything on a Sunday, except go hunting.

The current ban on Sunday hunting will also not allow children to discover the sport of hunting, due to school sports, scouts, and a number of other things that take place on a Saturday. Current youth hunters, male and female, have only one day per week to hunt while school is in session and the extra day would give them additional hunting opportunities and could attract more youth hunters who cannot go hunting on Saturday.

By allowing Sunday hunting, the state of Virginia will also gain tremendous revenue in sales of licenses, as more people will continue to hunt and pass along the tradition to their children. Also, out of state hunters may be willing to pay the higher nonresident fees to hunt in Virginia if Sunday hunting were allowed. This would also greatly increase the sales of licenses and the much needed revenue as well.

The current ban on Sunday hunting dates to around 1870 and needs to be abolished, as seen by the results of a recent poll conducted at the 2006 Virginia Outdoor Sportsmans Show in Richmond. The informal poll results were strongly in favor of Sunday hunting by a margin of 90% in favor to 10% opposed.

The poll results are overwhelming reflective of the current climate regarding the ban on Sunday Hunting. Virginia should support their licensed hunting sportsmen and women by abolishing the antiquated and discriminatory law.