Save Kashgar

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    Cai Wu the Cultural Minister of the government of the People's Republic of China
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Kashgar was once an important oasis city located along the northern route of the Silk Road. Its rich archaeological heritage goes back to the Han Dynasty (ca. 202 B.C.-221 A.D.). Throughout the years it has been influenced by dozens of cultural groups. Currently it is home to one of Chinas largest ethnic minorities, the Uighurs, a Turkish Muslim ethnic group predating the advent of Islam.

In spite of its importance as a historical site the Chinese government has enacted a plan to raze 85\% of the old city in an attempt to reportedly move Uighur residents from their ancient homes to safer earthquake resistant homes. Two-thirds of the city has already been destroyed.

We, the undersigned, appeal for the public distribution of a plan to preserve and protect what remains of Kashgar and the Uighur culture This plan should focus on the further study of the historical old town and protect both tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Most importantly, this plan should be made available to the public, for scrutiny and encouragement.

Thank you for your support.