Save Jewish Cemeteries in Romania.

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    Romanian Parliament; Chief Rabbinate of Israel
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About 800 cemeteries identified are about to be destroyed because of the Romanian Government's carelessness and the meanness of some of Federation members. There are several reports on the issue. A lot of press articles were invoked with documents and photos, so that Romanian deputies would become aware of the disastrous state of many Jewish cemeteries in northern Transylvania and Moldavia, now rented or sold for agriculture, for housing buildings or for becoming vegetable gardens.
A real authority has to assume responsibility for managing the maintenance, restoration, renovation and reconstruction of Jewish Romanian heritage.
Century old cemeteries and newer ones, hosting tombs and old tombstones that real pieces of art, tombs of real wise rabbis are now being destroyed every day. The central authority, local communities, representatives or FCER member are in duty of preserving the cemetery and to conserve the memory, but the fence vanishes away in the course of time, tombstones too. Carelessness and the promotion of petty interests call for the destruction of the Jewish history.
It is for the continued memory of our brave ancestors that we appeals to salvage the final remnants of our nearly forgotten culture in these areas, where there are no more Jews, but there are still their graves.We have the duty to preserve Jewish identity through memories of the past, lest they disappear from history all together.
A 2002 law gave Romanian Jewish leaders ownership of the burial sites. If for FCER is impossible to manage the situation , so help them and do it legally by voting a new law and by create a special institution for this.
Save Jewish Cemeteries in Romania. Stop the vandalisation, stop the sale and find different ways to restore the Jewish Romanian cemeteries.