Fun Dip: Add Another Stick!!!

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We, the Fun Dip-loving citizens of the world, have chosen to take action with this petition to fix one of the world's greatest problems. While Fun Dip may appear to be the perfect candy of choice, it is not. It has one major flaw, one achilles heel so huge, that it often ruins a Fun Dip experience.

People buy their Fun Dip most often in the triple packs, which contain three different flavors. Unfortunately, the penny pinching head honchos at Nestle decided to only give us two sticks to eat our delicious flavored sugar, not three. This is an outrage and an embarrassment for the entire company of Nestle, even their pet dogs! It leads to an amazing predicament:

One can:

a] Use one stick for one flavor, then one stick to use the other two...this brings about the problem of not only mixing flavors, but also forces you to eat two flavors right in a row, or else the stick gets all weird and gross and dry

b] Use the two sticks, then be left without a stick for their final flavor...this forces one to either tip the bag and pour the sugar into their mouth [which leads to a messy shirt and too much sugar entering your mouth at once], or using their finger, making that finger the flavor that you eat for the rest of the day

This is ridiculous, and change is needed. In case Nestle didn't know, in the United States, we pride ourselves on freedom, democracy, and the right to have the proper amount of white sticks for our Fun Dip damnit!

In closing, Nestle, unless you hate America, give us a third stick...we demand it! USA! USA! USA!