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In light of AMIR KHAN vs Precott on Sky Box Office, this is a petition to urge SKY BOX OFFICE, Frank Warren and Amir Khan to stop taking gross advantage of UK loyal and dedicated boxing fans by charging premium prices for wholly low grade services including:

Non (recognized) World Title/Unification or Superfights on Pay-per-view
Litany of Commercials especially during the fights and BETWEEN ROUNDS which we consider part of the fight.
Abysmal undercards & poor replacements for pull outs/injuries.
Low Technical and Picture Quality, ie Hatton vs Collazo shown in High Definition in US free to cable subscribers and yet not even in Widescreen (let alone HD) in the UK at premium prices. Boxing is also not widely shown in HD on Sky proving it is a lower priority than Soccer Rugbys Golf WWE AND NFL. Despite this the fans are expected to pay premiums money on top of sky boxes installation and sport subscriptions.

You are ruining the credibility of our sport and taking advantage of YOUR CUSTOMERS.