Please Sell the Philadelphia Phillies

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    Philadelphia Phillies Ownership Group
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Recently, Bill Giles told reporters that the collective ownership had one primary purpose, and that was to win. His comments suggested that members of the ownership group are diehard fans, and if this is in fact true, and winning is what you desire, please sell the team. Sell this team to someone willing to do whatever it takes to win.

It is clear that this current ownership group has not done everything possible to win. With the latest trading adventures and mishaps, and comments that the budget will be lowered by as much as $30-45 million next season, it is time to move in another direction. The construction of the new stadium has greatly increased the value of your asset. The gains on your investment are only going to slow as the stadium ages. Selling now protects your investment, and perhaps, as Phillies fans together, we will be able to experience the joys and elation of winning that another ownership group might bring.

You have little to gain by keeping the team, and much to lose. At this point, your greatest fears will become a reality. There will be fewer fans at the park next year, and the artificial attendance figures skewed by interleague play will no longer factor into attendance. The sales of Phillies merchandise will decline as attendance and interest drops.

Fans were convinced that the Phillies no longer had the intent to operate like a small-market team. It appears we were deceived, and your marketing department accomplished its task. The latest salary dump of one of the best players in Phillies history makes it clear to all that money is your chief motivation. As shrewd business partners, surely you see the potential for a sharp decline in revenue by putting an inferior product on the field. You had a tough time filling the park last season with a team in contention for the wildcard; what are your expectations in fielding a potential 70-win team? That sounds like a recipe for a lot of empty blue seats, and that will not help your bottom line.

We sincerely hope you take all of these things into account when weighing this very important decision. It is our hope that you make the right choice and choose to pass the team on to someone willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship.